Tuesday, August 9, 2011


They had several different craft choices at the YSA Conference. One of them was flowering making. I thought it was great some of the boys got involved. A couple of the boys used the flower making class to make corsages for their dates for the Formal Dance. They also taught oragami, crocheting and jewelry making. I made some earrings in the jewelry class- very cute.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

YSA Romania

These two guys are Meixcans from Canada - Esau and Carlitos. I guess they travel all over in the summer going to YSA Conferences. They came to the one we had in Romania. They needed a ride back to Budapest to catch their flight so we let them ride on the bus. The bus driver got a little freaked out when they got close to the border because he was afraid what might happen with their passport situation- so he made them get off the bus. Then he just left them there. They thought he was going to stop and pick them up once the bus got across the border but he didn't. Fortunately they were able to call us and we were able to give them a ride in the White Knight. Really nice guys - they came to FHE the next Monday as well.

YSA Romania

One night they had a formal dance. The girls really dressed up for the occasion. Sister Hanson and I didn't have any formal wear so we didn't attend the dance. It was a good excuse to go home and get some much needed rest. The first picture - Barbi, Barbye,Karolina, Luca, Gergo, Emese, Maja and Reka- Broki is on the floor.

YSA Romania

They formed a choir while we were at the Conference. They were pretty amazing. They would practice for about an hour and then perform in the evening. There were alot of talented YA in the group. I was so surprised how great they sounded with so little practice.

Cotton Eyed Joe

Of course what's a dance in Hungary without a few bars of Cotton Eyed Joe. They love it. We've seen it several times since we've been here. They even taught Megan and Rachelle when they came. I guess they learned it at the last YSA Conference in Poland. Very fun to watch, but requires too much energy for a Senior Missionary. :)

Talent Show

One night they had a talent show. Several of our YA participated. I don't know if you could really call this a talent but they had a great time. They danced around with these giant pillow cases and then in the end was the big reveal. It was pretty funny. They are from left to right - Karolina, Maja, Broki, Reka, Emese, and Luca.

YSA Romania Service Project

They had several choices for Service Projects at the Conference. I chose to go to the Family Search. Several other YA went with me. In the first picture is our helper- Sister Geambasu. Super nice lady. She's from Hungary but lives in Romania. So she spoke Hungarian, Romanian and English. The next picture is Maja, Orcsi, Zoli and Karolina. The last picture is Zoli, Andras, Adri and Eniko. Adri is the one I was paired with for Indexing. Even though she and I could not really communicate because she doesn't speak much English, but we had a great experience. I was so happy about that because I had never really connected with her before, but since this Conference I feel like she and I are good friends.

YSA Romania

Every night they had a dance at the Conference. They always had a place to take pictures. Our YA are not camera shy. They had a great time at the dances.

YSA Romania

We tried to get a group picture of everyone who came from Hungary one night after one of the Firesides. Unfortunately we weren't able to find everyone. But we were able to get most of them. Such a great group of YA.


There are fields of sunflowers all over Hungary. It is so fun to see them everywhere.

Pecs Branch

The same day we spoke in Kaposvar we also spoke here in Pecs. The two branches are about an hour apart. So we just left Pecs right after Sacrament Meeting to get to Kaposvar. We didn't speak long enough in Pecs so Elder Denc (second from the left) who is native Hungarian filled in the remaining time for us. He didn't seem to mind one bit. Elder Schweiger -( on the end) was so great to watch during my talk. I talked about sharing the gospel. I used the analogy that I was going to bring cookies today but I was afraid they wouldn't like them so I brought nothing. The same way sometimes we are afraid to share the Gospel. He was sitting in the audience smiling and encouraging me the whole time. We did an oral apartment check with them that day so they're holding the treats we brought for them. Oral apartment check - we didn't actually have time to see their apartment so I just asked them about it and hoped they were honest.

Kaposvar Branch

We were assigned to speak in Kaposvar. I just barely sat down when this darling little girl came up to me and wanted to sit on my lap. That's Elder Johnson sitting next to me. He said it was pretty amazing that she would sit still for so long. I guess she's usually a terror at church. I told him it was because she knew I was a grandma. We played patty cake and I let her look in my purse. She thought it was great fun. I told Elder Johnson I would tend her during Sacrament Meeting if he would give my talk. He was so ready to take me up on the offer. It was 100 degrees in that room. They had fans but it didn't help much. All four Elders kept their jackets on the entire meeting without complaining one time. Elder Johnson was hoping we brought him a letter. I did look in the stack of mail to see if he got one. I was afraid he didn't and then I would have felt terrible. I saw him a couple weeks later but I never did ask him if he got the letter he wanted. Such great missionaries serving in that little Branch.

Elder Ottley

This is another great missionary - Elder Ottley. He served in Erd which is about 30 minutes from Buda. We saw him often at Gofri Est. He taught Hedi and her brother. But he's no longer here. He finished his mission last transfer and went back home to California. We're going to miss him.

Elder Murray - one of my favorites

This is one of my favorite missionaries. He has been in the office since I've been here. I really got attached to him. He was just transferred to a new area. I gave him a small photo album of some of the things that had happened while he was in Buda. Such a nice young man.


We had another Concert July 18,2011. All of these people participated. The tall man in front with the long sleeved white shirt is an Opera singer here in Hungary. He is currently investigating the church. It was great to have him be a part of the program. Sister Roderick is not in the picture. She is also an accomplished singer. She had to catch a train so I didn't get her in the picture.

Petercsa Family Baptism

This is the first family I've seen baptized in Hungary. They were baptized on July 23, 2011. It is a very rare occasion to see a family baptized. The mom, dad and the youngest daughter were the only ones baptized but the older son and daughter came so that was good. Hopefully they felt the spirit and will want to learn more. Elder Hansen, Elder Turley and Elder Allen were all involved in teaching them.