Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Sister Christensen just got transferred to Debrecen. It was so fun to see her again. Fortunately for her Sister Hansen is a super nice person so I think she will be happy with her. The Szabo sisters sang for Sacrament meeting. It was so beautiful. I was sitting next to Sister Christensen. She had a good view of them so I asked her to record the song. Probably shouldn't have done it in Sacrament meeting but I wanted a memory of it.

Dinner in Debrecen

We went to dinner with the Gudgells and the Hartwells at the restaurant in our Hotel. They really know how to present the food. It looked so good we had to take a picture. Just so you know -- it tasted as good as it looked.

Lunch in Nyiregyhaza

We took the Elders in Nyiregyhaza to lunch at this really nice Mexican food restaurant. It's always so funny to me to eat Mexican food in a foreign country. I don't know why it just seems odd to me. But it was good -- Jeanie said her enchiladas didn't taste much like enchiladas. And my tacos tasted like there were mashed potatoes in them, but we still had a fun time. Elder Forsythe ( on the end) has been here 4 days. He's Elder Conklin's new companion. Then Elder Payne and Elder Wright are on the opposite end of the table. All of them are super nice young men. It was fun spending some time with them.

Elder Conklin's new suit

This is Elder Conklin's new suit. He shouldn't have worn it yet because it's too light. But I think he was so excited about it that he didn't care. He had it custom made. The lining is red green and white like the Hungarian flag. Several missionaries here have had suits made. I told him to enjoy his one time wearing it in Hungary but then he could wear it as much as he wants when he gets home.

Ricsi's Baptism

We were so happy to see Ricsi get baptized. His father who has only been a member for a few months was able to baptized him. It's so great to see a family come into the church. He has one sister who is not a member but his mother and father and younger sister are all members. So hopefully his other sister will join soon.

Elder Johnson's Birthday

We also did aparment checks for Elder Johnson and Elder Cox. It was Elder Johnson's birthday so I made cupcakes for him. I also brought candles so we could sing to him. He's such a cute young man. I really like him. The other picture is a view of Vesprem where he's serving. It was freezing cold that day.

Elder Abram and Masters

I had to take a picture of this apartment. We went to Elder Abram's and Masters' apartment for apartment checks. I don't know how they live in this. The walls are so bright it would make me crazy. But they said it doesn't bother them.

Elder Mathew's Birthday

We took Elder Mathews and his companion Elder Pendleton to Trofeas for Elder Mathews' birthday. They give them a fun birthday cake with a sparkler for a candle. Both of them are pretty crazy so it was fun to go to lunch with them.

Antique table in Sister's Apartment

We went over to the Sister's apartment to help them move. I love their table. It has beautiful carvings all over it. I would love to take it home with me. Of course that would cost a fortune. So I just have a picture to remember it.

More snow

This is us outside our Stake Center. We were just so happy about the snow. They don't get alot of snow in Buda so it's pretty fun when it does snow. Some of the smaller cities out in the country get quite a bit more than we do here.

Our First Snow

We were so excited to see our first snow. Many people here were not happy about it but Jeanie and I wanted it to snow. It's beautiful when it snows. Of course we don't have to be outside in it all day so it's easier for us to be excited about it.

Gofri Est Skits

We had a fun activity for Gofri Est ( Waffle Night) We divided them into groups and gave each group a scripture story. Then each group acted out their story and the other groups had to guess what their story was. The first picture is the Brother of Jared praying to light the stones and then seeing the Finger of God. The next one is Lehi's Dream and the Tree of Life. The last one is Laban being slane by Nephi. They had a great time and it was fun to see how clever they were.