Sunday, July 24, 2011


This the Branch House in Tatabanya. I thought it was so cute. Someone told us it used to be a Bakery. The guy in the other picture was a missionary in Hungary a few years ago. He was one of the speakers that day. He built that podium for the Branch. They loved that he came back to visit. He was one of the first missionaries in Tatabanya.

Elder Wanlas - Tatabanya

We were assigned to speak in Tatabanya but the Friday before we found out someone else had already been asked. It was great news for us. We still went, but it was much more relaxing because we didn't have to speak. Elder Wanlas was transferred there last transfer so it was fun to see him. We brought him and the other Elders treats because

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We went to a cool graveyard in Pest. I have never seen so many different and elaborate tombstones. Some very famous people from Budapest are buried here. It was very interesting experience. We heard that at the end of October they have a night where the whole graveyard is lit up with candles. Cool sight to see - but I don't think I'll be going to see a graveyard at night near Halloween. YIKES


Megan made headbands and hair clips for all the girls. So Karolina agreed to model one of them for me. They really loved that Megan would do something so nice for them.

Cake Contest

Here's a picture of our 2nd Place cake. Also Karolina's cake won 2nd Prize with us. I think she got robbed because her's was much nicer than ours. The cake in the middle of the table with all the fruit perfectly lined up won 1st Place. It was a fun day but I think the judging was a little off.
The cool thing was how happy the members were that we entered the contest. Rachelle told me to get involved with the members, make comments in class, go to their activities etc. She was right. They loved that we participated. The next day at church many people said Hi to me. One man who knows I speak German even said "Guten Morgan" as I walked in. Such a nice man - So it's fun that I'm starting to feel like I'm part of the ward. Really nice people here.

YA Center

This is the front door to the Mission Office, Ward Building and YA Center. It's the only building on the block made of red brick. It's also the newest building on the street. People here in Hungary think the Church has lots of money because our building is so nice.

FHE Lesson

Megan taught the FHE Lesson for us on July 4th. She did a great job. The kids participate so much. Megan has a great way of relating to people. I think they could tell she really cared about them. The lesson was about feeling the promptings of the Spirit. At the end she told them how great they were at welcoming her and Rachelle. She told them she knew they had the Spirit with them by the way they treated her and Rachelle. She also told them how much she admired them for the sacrifices they made each week to attend church activities. Some of them travel over an hour by train or bus to come to church activities. I think they were all very touched by her comments. I was very proud of her. One of the YA kept telling Megan "You're going to miss me"
So cute- Mimi translated for her. She's a sweet girl and did a great job. ( well I think she did- I still don't understand Hungarian) When some of the YA would make very lengthy comments Mimi would say a few things and then say - That's basically what they said. So funny.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

July Bulletin Board

Here's the bulletin board Megan made for the Center. We are going to leave it up for a couple months and then just change the leaves on the tree in the Fall. She did such a great job. Hers makes all our other bulletin boards look pathetic. But I intend to get full use out of this. The way I figure I can use it for at least 4 months. :)

Line Dancing Night

Megan and Rachelle taught the YA a fun line dance. Afterwards the YA taught them their dance to Cotton Eyed Joe. It was so much fun.


This will give you an idea of what the Metro really looks like. The elevators are really long and they move pretty fast. Everyone talked about them when I first got here. But I had already seen them in Russia so it wasn't new to me.

Line Dancing

Heni came to help us with the decoration for Line Dancing. That night Megan and Rachelle got to try Waffles - Hungarian style. They are pretty good.

Fruit Market

One day we went to the Fruit Market. We had fun trying to buy some yummy fruit. Rachelle bought something we had never seen, but they weren't that yummy.


Megan and Rachelle went to Vienna one day with Barbie. It poured rain on them for about an hour. So here's the question - who looks this good soaking wet???


Here's some pictures of our trip to Szentendre. We actually used that bathroom after everyone had a good laugh about the sign. It was a little warm that day but we had a good time.

St Jupats

This is a picture of one of our meals. The portions were huge. The food was good but we ordered way too much. I had been warned by the missionaries that the portions were large but I forgot until our orders came. Megan and Rachelle were so surprised.


Finally at the end of the day we went to Trofea's. It a Hungarian buffet. Megan decided to try all the desserts. We had a hard time deciding which one we liked best.

Heroes Square Castle

After going to Heroes Square, we walked over to the Castle near there. The girl in the purple is Barbie. She was such a good tour guide. She took us everywhere. When I was busy with things at the Center she took Megan and Rachelle to see many fun things in Buda as well. It was so nice of her to spend so much of her time with us.

Heroes Square

Another famous place in Hungary is Heroes Square. They have many statues here in memory of Kings and other people who have helped Hungary. As you can see our timid, shy, serious Rachelle climbed up on one of the horses. Just in case you are wondering - it was not an easy climb.


Here's another fun thing they eat in Hungary. It's a pastry cooked over a barbeque like flame. Rachelle really wanted to try one so she finally was able to have one her last day here.


Since Rachelle didn't have to leave we went to the Piac. It's a giant indoor shopping place. So many fun souvenirs to buy there. I told Megan she would have to wait to get her souvenirs because I didn't have very much money. Just as we were getting ready to leave, Rachelle bought a t-shirt. So she's looking in my wallet to get some money and lo and behold - I did have money. I just didn't know it. Oh well - always fun dealing with senior citizens.

Rachelle's missed flight

This is the day we thought Rachelle was leaving. But surprise -- she was able to stay a couple more days. We were so glad she got bumped from her flight. In addition she got a $1000 voucher. It just gave us that much more time to have fun.

District Lunch

One Sunday while Megan and Rachelle were here we had our District over for lunch. We had a full house but so much fun. We served Chicken Enchiladas and for dessert - cake with raspberries and chocolate drizzle. They loved it. Notice the missionary with the orange tie. Megan liked it so much, he gave it to her to take home.

Bridges over the Danube

Of course there are several bridges over the Danube. They are really beautiful at night with all the lights.

Buda Castle

One night we walked up to Buda Castle. There are outdoor restaurants on the walk there. Many have flowers like this. It all looks very European.

Elder Lundeen

Who says Missionaries don't have fun??? I'm not really sure how he was even able to get this jacket on. It belongs to this darling YA - Simon Reka - It was pretty funny to see him with her jacket, scarf and bracelet. He was such a good sport to let us take his picture.

Fisherman's Bastion

One night we went to dinner at Fisherman's Bastion. It's a beautiful place to eat. The view is amazing. The first picture is just a little of what you can see from your table.
Very fun place to eat. The Bagozzis knew about it so they went with us. They really are a fun couple.