Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FHE Lesson

Megan taught the FHE Lesson for us on July 4th. She did a great job. The kids participate so much. Megan has a great way of relating to people. I think they could tell she really cared about them. The lesson was about feeling the promptings of the Spirit. At the end she told them how great they were at welcoming her and Rachelle. She told them she knew they had the Spirit with them by the way they treated her and Rachelle. She also told them how much she admired them for the sacrifices they made each week to attend church activities. Some of them travel over an hour by train or bus to come to church activities. I think they were all very touched by her comments. I was very proud of her. One of the YA kept telling Megan "You're going to miss me"
So cute- Mimi translated for her. She's a sweet girl and did a great job. ( well I think she did- I still don't understand Hungarian) When some of the YA would make very lengthy comments Mimi would say a few things and then say - That's basically what they said. So funny.

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