Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Renata Kovacs' Baptism

We were able to have another Baptism on Saturday for Reni. It's pretty amazing to me how many baptisms I've been able to see since I've been here. Reni is very good friend with Timi so that's how she was introduced to the church. The first picture is the Elders who taught her - Elder Gardenhire and Elder Miller. Peter baptized her. The bottom picture with Reni is - Reka ( white shirt- orange skirt) she's been a member for a year and has really helped with the missionary work. Then Heni ( Black shirt- brown skirt) she was just baptized last week. Next Reni - the girl who got baptized. Then Timi who is Reni's good friend. She has tried out for Hungarian Idol. She was doing very well but decided it was not good use of her time after listening to the Fireside with Pres Teixiera. It was really touching to see her make that decision. Last is Lavi - she was also recently baptized. She is so cute. She always says to us " I so happy"

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