Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Dinner

We had two Easter dinners on Sunday. First we invited the Office Elders over after our first meeting. We had roast, carrots and potatoes at about noon. Then we went to our next meeting at 2:00. Sister Rohr invited us to have dinner with them. They are a German family living here for a few years. They have a very nice home - two stories, large yard - plenty of space. It was fun to see their home. I had only seen small apartments so I didn't realize people had such nice homes here. They served us German sausages, chicken and pork - with German potato salad. It also was very good. The wife Christiane and the husband Stefan - were both born in Eastern Germany and were living there when the Berlin wall came down. They told us some great stories. Stefan said it was hard for him to talk about it. They have 3 small children - Amy, Josephine and Helena. They also invited a counselor in the Branch Pres and his wife - Arvad and Kelly Carlson. It was so fun to go there. I was very happy to be invited. Christiane is the RS Pres. She's the one who asked me to give the lesson that day. I told a story about Snow White and Rose Red - but I got the details mixed up. So Stefan got out his Grimms Brother Fairy Tale book when we were at their house and let me read the correct version. Super nice family

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