Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lavi's Baptism

These pictures are of Lavi's baptism ( Furdui, Lavinia) on April 23, 2011. She was so excited. Csaba is the one who baptized her. She and Csaba are both a little mentally handicapped. When he put her in the water, it startled her a little and she struggled a little. We were all afraid he would need to do it again and that would have been hard for her, but it all worked fine. Csaba is a ward missionary and really does a great job helping the missionaries. The sister missionaries are the ones who taught her. Sister Johnson ( who is the nicest, happiest person on the planet) and Sister Bodily ( who is a concert pianist - so talented) The other missionary in the picture is Elder Turley ( from Queen Creek, AZ- knows the Barneys) Anyway he's the one with the beautiful baritone voice. He sang at her baptism - it was FABULOUS! The first picture is Lavi with her mom and sister. Her mom cried the whole time. She was so thrilled for Lavi. I don't know if they are interested but it was nice they came to support her.

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