Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Heni's Baptism

These are pictures of Heni's ( Harajda, Henriett)baptism on April 21,2011. They say the sir name first in Hungary. Kristof is a YA in the area. He was the one who baptized her. He is also a great young man. He has helped a lot with the Center. Heni has been talking to the missionaries for a long time but finally decided to get baptized. In the first picture are the last missionaries who taught her. The blonde girl, Reka talked about Baptism and Laci - the guy in the white shirt talked about the Holy Ghost. It was a really nice baptism. She is a sweet girl. Many of the YA in this area are the only members in their family. But the missionaries try to work with the families as well so that they also join the church.

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