Thursday, June 2, 2011


The first picture is the YW in the Branch. The girl in the purple shirt is Timi. She is from Buda. She speaks English very well so she went with us to be our translator. It was actually a little more relaxing having someone we knew translate for us. The other picture is all the women in the RS. It's pretty amazing to me to see these members come to church each week with so few people there. The girl in the front of the RS sisters in the yellow shirt is going to BYU in the Fall. The woman in the green is Sister Williams. These women were so nice. They were so happy to see us. They came up to me afterwards and just kept saying " Koszonom Koszonom" Thank you, thank you. Then they would point to the pictures I brought. I think they loved seeing pictures of my family. You can tell they are really nice people even though you aren't able to talk to them. I love visiting the small branches in Hungary.

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