Thursday, June 2, 2011


Just outside the church is a nice plot of land. Some of the members planted a garden there. After church they just go into the garden and pick some vegetables. I was talking to one of the members who spoke English. I was saying things like "oh, you've planted carrots here and green beans here, tomatoes here". She was very surprised that I was able to identify the plants by their leaves. I told her I loved having a garden and had planted many in my life. I guess she couldn't imagine people in the states having a garden. I wish we had some land near our ward in Buda. I would definitely plant a garden.
The little red car you see in the background is what we get to drive. It gets great gas mileage. The senior missionaries serving in Szolnok have one just like it. Elder and Sister Williams - They go home in August. Elder Williams is the Branch President. He speaks enough Hungarian that he is able to conduct the meetings and speak with the members. It's very impressive.

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