Thursday, June 2, 2011

YA Service Project

The day after the big Hawaiian Party we had a service project. It was a national clean-up Hungary day. We met at the Center at 9:30 am. We found out there were other people coming but they had missed their train so they would be late. We waited for them until 10:30 am. While we waiting I suggested we start cleaning the street in front of our building, but they didn't like that idea. They said we had been assigned a certain area and they wanted to wait until we got there. So finally we left. We walked quite a ways to the bus stop. As we were approaching the bus stop, they saw our bus coming. So everyone started running. They were afraid we would miss the bus. I thought they were crazy because it was quite a ways to the bus stop. I'm sure they were frustrated with me because I wasn't running fast enough but they didn't realize, they were lucky I was even running at all. Then we rode the bus for about 30 minutes. We got off the bus and walk for another 30 minutes. We got to our assigned place and no one was there. We picked up a few pieces of trash while they were deciding what to do. Then they decided to walk to another place to see if our group might be there. Apparently we were so late our group had gone on without us. As we were walking another bus came by. Suddenly they said " we are going home now, get on the bus" So we went home. It was a little frustrating. By the time we got home it was noon. If we had just stayed where we were, we could have cleaned our own street a little and done something productive. But at least we tried.

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