Sunday, March 13, 2011

Farewell Party for the Senior Sisters

After FHE the kids in the Center and some of the missionaries had a farewell party for the Senior Sisters. It was very thoughtful of them. They made a big braided bread and a red velvet cake for them. They also had a slide show of activities with the Sisters over the last 18 months.
The Sisters were very touched that they did this for them. The five guys in the front are the missionaries - Elder Gardenhire, Elder Wanlas, Elder Allen, Elder Miller, Elder Hintze - Elder Murray made the cake. He's standing in the back with glasses on. ( hard to see him)
Sister Wade in the orange sweater and Sister Harris in the yellow sweater - both play tennis. I guess they always beat the Elders. But last time Elder Garenhire and Elder Miller were able to win. They were excited but still the fact remains - the sisters are 70 yrs old - so it's really amazing that they are good competition for these 20 yr old young men.

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