Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hedi - my Hungarian friend

Monday morning we started off with a District Meeting Brunch. It was so much fun to get to know the missionaries in our district. Each of us told a little bit about ourselves and then enjoyed some yummy food. One set of Elders brought fruit soup. Apparently a Hungarian favorite. It was good but so far not my favorite. My favorite thing here is the bread. We discovered they have delicious bread here. - That's all I need to survive. I know the scriptures say "man shall not live by bread alone," but I think I definitely can.
This is my new Hungarian friend Hedi - accent on the e. I met her at FHE on Monday night. She was talking to one of the Elders and he was pointing at me. Next thing I know she hurries over to me and starts talking to me in German. She was so excited to find someone she could talk to. Her English isn't great and of course my Hungarian is horrible, so we communicate in German. I'm so excited to be able to practice my German with someone. She's a darling girl. She's only been a member since November. I don't know much about her family. But I'm sure she and I will become good friends.
We had Stuffed Paprikas that night for dinner. They were delicious. They are like green peppers only a little lighter green in color. They called them Paprikas. They put pork and rice inside and then boil them in tomato sauce. There's one on the table behind us. It's kind of hard to see. Sorry I didn't take a better picture of one. We had about 40 show up for dinner. They were very happy with the turn out. It was fun to start meeting some of the youth.

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  1. You look so happy, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Please let me know if there is anything I could send that would be helpful.