Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our First Apartment

Here's our first apartment in Hungary. As you can see, it's very nice. We were very happy with it. The furniture is all small. I think the people here must not be very big. The kitchen was bright and sunny. As a matter of fact the bedroom and the family room also had nice big windows. The bathroom has a shower and the washing machine is in there as well. The toilet is in a separate room which is also convenient. The only problem is that it's up a couple of flights of stairs. We were lucky the Elders helped us because it would have been difficult to get our 50 lb suitcases up there. One Elder carried two at a time. -- Impressive This aparment belongs to one of the ladies in the Branch. One day we tried doing our wash and I broke the washer. We weren't able to meet the repair man so she went to our apartment and waited for him for 3 hours. She was so nice. She also left us a little plate of pastries to welcome us to Hungary.

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