Saturday, March 19, 2011

Langos - yummy treats

This is Laci, Elder Miller (an Office Elder) and Elder Gardenhire. They're eating Langos. The Hungarians put garlic butter, cheese and sour cream on them. They are absolutely delicious and probably about 5000 calories. It's just like a huge piece of fried bread. YUMMY I don't know if you can see the tiny flag on Elder Gardenhire's sweatshirt. Many people were wearing them. This was a big holiday in Hungarian so lots of people were wearing a Hungarian flag on their shirts. This is when Hungary and Poland made a pact to fight against Austria in 1835. It happened at the castle we were about to visit in Vise Grad.

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  1. Any kind of bread, fried with butter, sounds great to me and garlic too!