Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 2

Today was completely different from yesterday. We started at 8:00 this morning. The class was amazing. They are teaching us how to talk to investigators. Very simple principles that I hadn't thought of before are being presented to us. The teachers here are great. Many of them are very young - probably not even 30. But they are well-prepared and very enthusiastic.
Tomorrow will be a scary experience. We have to teach our first investigator. YIKES
We have been preparing for this all day but Deen and I are still worried about it.
At dinner tonight we sat by a group of Elders. They were very friendly. One Elder sat down with 3 entrees. Pulled Pork with rice, feticini with vegetables and a chicken salad - it barely fit on his tray. I thought maybe he would just eat a little of each, but I was so wrong. He proceeded to eat everything on his tray. It was amazing. The funny thing is he wasn't that big. Just hungry- He must do this all the time because no one near him thought it was unusual.
Tonight we had a Devotional. Patrick Kearon of the 70 spoke to us. He shared about his own conversion and then said some very nice things to all of us about our willingness to serve a mission. He's from England. He joined the church when he was 26. He said we have some very strange things we say in our church that other poeple might not understand. For example when we say we are at the MTC - people might think we are saying "empty see" which makes no sense. He said we have such a great opportunity to help people with our message. We should not be afraid to speak boldy to them because we have the truth. When we speak the truth, they will feel the spirit. Afterwards the missionaries sang a special version of Called to Serve. Sister Nally who is the wife of a counselor in the MTC mission presidency accompanied them. It was very cool. She started with marching music in the background ( like the Army of Helaman) coming over the hill- then the missionaries started singing very soft - and then progressively louder as the marching music got louder - finally at the end they stood and sang very loud. Very powerful - I'm so glad I was able to be there for that.
Sorry there aren't any pictures - We are limited where we can take pictures. I will try to send a picture tomorrow. Too bad they don't allow pictures in the cafeteria. I would have sent one of the Elder who's eating them out of house and home. His parents are probably saving money sending him on a mission. We should get our Hungarian name tags on Thurs. I will send a picture of that when we get them.


  1. I am so enjoying reading about your experience. You have inspired me. I have a book from Elder Nelson that I have planned to drop off to a friend but I am going to be bold and give her a Book of Mormon too. Love you.

  2. Kerry - you don't need any additional inspiration. You are already an amazing example to everyone regarding missionary work. You are always talking to people about the Gospel.