Monday, February 21, 2011

First Class in the MTC

Our first class was very fun. Everyone introduced themselves. We told where we were from, where we have been called to serve and how many previous missions. Not that they were giving out prizes, but if they had, Deen would have won. -since this is her 5th mission. Two other couples said this is their third mission. Most everyone else are serving for their first time. One couple stood up and said they had been called to serve in "American Siberia" - Anchorage Alaska. Then just a few minutes later a couple stood and said they had been called to serve in the "real" Siberia in Russia. Three couples are going to Russia. I was talking to one of the couples later in the day who was going to Russia. He said they got a letter from their Mission Pres last week. It was negative 35 in the area in Russia where they will be serving. YIKES!!! It was cool to hear where everyone will be serving. Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Africa, Japan, France, Phillipines, - several in the states. Everyone seems very excited about this opportunity.
It's very organized and efficient here. The cafeteria feeds hundreds at a time with very few waiting in line. The food is also pretty good. Tonight at dinner I saw Jake Mathews. He introduced me to the people in his District. He told me I could eat dinner with them tomorrow night, but it might not be fun because it's "terrible Tuesday" when they must all speak in Hungarian. So I probably wouldn't be able to understand any of them. Deen and I start our language training on Wed night from 6:00-8:00 after our other classes are over. Mathews Elder (they say it backwards in Hungarian) district leave for Hungary on March 14th so Deen and I will get there before them.
So our first day was good. We have an assignment to read 30 pages from Preach My Gospel tonight to prepare for our classes tomorrow. We're both pretty tired so we'll probably go to bed early tonight.

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  1. Karen! I'm so excited for you, and I'm excited to be able to follow your experiences on your blog! You are so clever! Love, Tahne :)