Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Meetings

Today for Sacrament Meeting we met with the International Branch. This is the Branch where people from foreign countries meet as they are learning English. It was great to meet with them. The Branch Pres was just diagnosed with Leukemia, so he was released. They asked all of us to fast for him. His counselor who was just sustained as the new Branch Pres said they had all been assigned a topic "Feast on the Word". Then he called two of them out of the congregation to give their talks. The sister was from South America and the Elder was from France. They did a great job. I was so impressed with how well they both spoke English. It was a great meeting.
Then the Sisters went to RS. The speaker was Ann Dibb, Pres Monson's daughter. She was a wonderful speaker. She told us when we trust in the Lord we can accomplish so much. She also talked about the newest YW value -Virtue. She said we will find this value is not taught in many countries. She quoted from Jane Eyre. She was a virtuous woman even though she's a fictional character. When tempted to do wrong she said "No, here I plant my foot." She told us the protection against sin is an unshakeable testimony.
Then she allowed questions from the missionaries and she told us some fun stories about her father. At the end she said " I know my father is a prophet of God. He has told us, he has walked where Jesus walked. He has been to Jerusalem and Gethsemane. But he would rather walk today where Jesus would walk if He were here." She said she knows her father tries constantly to do this and help others in any way he can. It was a very inspiring thought. We as missionaries need to remember to do that.

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