Friday, February 25, 2011

Wednesday - 1st Teaching Experience

Today was our first time to teach an "investigator". We were very fortunate because our investigator was the nicest man. He even helped us out a little. We were talking to him about the Book of Mormon. I was telling him that it was written by ancient prophets. He asked me where it took place. I told him much of it happened right here on the American Continent. I told him Christ came here and visited the people of the Book of Mormon. Then he said " Oh yes I think it says something about that in the New Testament in John where it says "other sheep I have which are not of this fold" Then he says " Is that what He was talking about?" So cute - Deen and I were " oh yes, why don't we read that scripture now" Anyway when we were finished, we just wanted to hug him, cuz he was so sweet to us.

This is a picture of one of our teachers. He was so great. He really helped us to be prepared. We were both so nervous, but he just kept telling us. "Don't worry you'll be great"

His name is David Chinn. We really grew to love him by the end of the week.

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