Friday, February 25, 2011

Tim Ruggles - Hungarian Teacher

This is our Hungarian teacher. He is hysterical. He's always telling us what a good teacher he is.

The truth is - he is an excellent teacher. We have learned so much from him in just three days. It's just so funny to have him tell us all the time how good he is. Deen and I are the only ones in his class so we get very individual attention. There's no sitting in the back and trying not to be called on. He always shares a scripture with us from his Hungarian Book of Mormon. Tonight he asked me to read it. It took forevvvvvvvvvver. He was very patient. But it's so good he pushes us to do things we think we can't. He's coming to Hungary the middle of May so I hope we can speak more Hungarian then, otherwise we will be in so much trouble.
Last night for some reason we started talking about other languages and I said something in German. So he asked me " Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" ( do you speak German) So I said a little to him in German. Bless his little heart, he also speaks German. We've had such a good time with him. He has been helping us prepare to bear our testimony. I really want to know how to do it, but a very scary thought. Friday night all of the senior missionaries who are learning a language are going to have a testimony meeting and bear testimony in the language they're learning. I'm not kidding. We have had 6 hours of language training and they expect us to do this. They certainly don't mess around at the MTC.

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