Friday, February 25, 2011

Lamar and Marilyn Holt

Elder Holt was our District Leader this week. He was always watching out for me and Deen.- making sure we weren't lost or falling behind. He was hilarious. We had such a good time with them. They are from Utah so they are going home this weekend and returning on Monday. They have been called to serve in the Phillipines. It's lucky they live close because they won't need any of their warm clothes in the Phillipines. Elder Holt's older brother and his wife came to the MTC today to talk to us about some of their mission experiences. They never did tell us how many missions they've served, but we know Ukraine and China. They told us they were thrilled to hear about the temple in Kyiv Ukraine. It was great to hear some of their stories. Lamar and Marilyn will also be helping with Member Leadership. They are a really fun couple. We loved having them in our District.

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